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CEO Message Of Equality

CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services strongly supports respect and dignity for all. This must include equal justice for all, as unequal justice is no justice. We are angered, alarmed, and very saddened by the incidents of violence against people of color and must take a stand that this cannot continue. Black Lives Matter! As a nation we must continue to shine a light on such treatment and simultaneously take a stand that it will not be tolerated, accepting no excuses and sending a clear message that people of color will not live in fear. We all share a responsibility to call out discrimination wherever it exist and work to root out such unequal treatment. When we do not act or speak out we give tacit approval and that weakens us all.

We can and must do better to stop the useless loss of life, the horrendous suffering of so many people of color. We must listen carefully, without judgement, and with determination as a society to take the actions which ensures nobody is treated with the callous indifference demonstrated so frequently against the black community.

CDS will continue this effort by examining how we as an organization operate when it comes to discrimination. We will take a hard look to ensure we are doing our part to send this clear message.

Jim Pearce

Chief Executive Officer

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