Volunteer Opportunities


CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services, Inc. is constantly looking for good people to volunteer their time, efforts, and talents to support its mission of “Strengthening Communities by Building Strong Families.”  Whether it’s filing, helping teens with homework, or counseling a young person in crisis, volunteers contribute a lot to the work of CDS. CDS also provides interns with needed experience in their major field of study.

If you wish to volunteer, please call (352) 244-0628 ext 3865 or email outreach@cdsfl.org. You must be over age 18 to volunteer, pass a Department of Juvenile Justice Background Screening, and attend training. The training requirements vary depending on the program.  For interns and practicum students, some of the requirements are set by the institution. Some requirements are set by the CDS program. Please call for more information. Some positions have limited availability.

Programs that need volunteers include:

Interface Youth Program
Interface is a temporary shelter for runaway, truant, and troubled youth. It acts as a crisis stabilization center where kids and their parents can take a break from one another in order to begin working on family issues. Volunteers are always needed to help out and interact with the children. Since Interface is open 24/7 volunteer hours can be flexible. No special skills are required although counseling interns are also welcome.

Public Relations / Office Help / Events
Volunteers and interns are needed to aid in resource development, marketing, and various office tasks. In addition, people are needed to help with Safe Place by doing site visits and speaking engagements to youth. 

Prevention Programs
These programs are designed to help children who maybe at risk for self-destructive behaviors like using drugs or alcohol, or live in an environment less conducive to success in school.  CDS currently has Prevention Specialists teaching in several schools in Gainesville and Williston.  Volunteers for these programs need to be available during regular school hours. 

Outpatient Services
The outpatient department provides counseling to youth age 6-17.  Graduate student counseling interns who can commit to a minimum of two semesters can apply for a position as a supervised counseling intern to work towards their licensure. 

Reichert House
Reichert House provides youth from high risk communities with supervised after-school activities. Volunteers are needed from 3:30 PM until 8 PM to provide mentoring, homework assistance and serve as positive role models.  Reichert volunteers must apply through Reichert House directly as their training requirements are different from CDS.  (352) 334-2320

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