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Happy Retirement Cassandra!

Residential Supervisor for short term shelter program for youth. Responsible for managing the daily operations of a residential shelter working in conjunction with the Regional Director. Master’s degree or above in counseling, social work, psychology, or other behavioral science or Bachelor’s Degree and one year of related work experience in lieu of education requirement. Previous experience working with adolescents and children, and knowledge regarding their behavior is a plus. Supervisory experience in a residential setting preferred.

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your wonderful words of encouragement and support regarding my promotion as the Regional Director at Interface Youth Program Central. My time with CDS began when I was hired as a Youth Care Worker at Interface Youth Program Central in 1998 and that support continued with my promotion as the Residential Supervisor in 2000. I am honored and very grateful to work every day in this service friendly environment with this CDS / IYP-C team who have consistently demonstrated their professional commitment in responding and resolving difficult situations related to our participants and their families. Also, we will continue to teach our participants to become “Tax Payers and Not Tax Burdens” and to empower and encourage their parents to be parents. This promotion is also a blessing for my wife and daughter. Thank you for this opportunity and stay safe. " Zeke Whitter

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