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SNAP, which stands for "Stop Now and Plan," helps children learn how to manage their emotions, communicate, practice self-control, and keep problems small. Children and parents engage in activities such as group discussions, role-playing, interactive games, and self-reflection to address issues such as dealing with anger and building healthy relationships.

S.N.A.P provides children and their families strategies to increase pro-social skills to help them stay in school and out of trouble by making better choices throughout the 13-week program. 

SNAP is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral program designed by Child Development Institute for children 6-11.

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SNAP Gainesville

Evelitza Soto, SNAP Supervisor

[email protected]

(352) 284-4978

SNAP Lake City 

Leigh Kassem, SNAP Supervisor

[email protected]

(352) 318-9431 

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