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SNAP Program

SNAP®, which stands for STOP NOW AND PLAN, is an evidence-based, cognitive behavioral model powered by the minds at Child Development Institute (CDI). SNAP® helps troubled children and their parents learn how to effectively manage their emotions and ‘keep problems small’.  


The gender-sensitive SNAP® Boys and SNAP® Girls program is designed for  children ages 6-11 who are engaging in aggressive, anti-social behavior and/or have come into contact with authority figures at school or in the community. Children and families participate with the goal of preventing future anti-social behavior and reducing the chances of conflict with family, peers and authority figures.  


SNAP® for Schools & Communities  is an educational curriculum provided in elementary schools focusing on topics such as  managing anger , handling peer pressure and dealing with bullying with the overall goal of increasing productive school attendance.

SNAP® services are completely free to youth and their families! The SNAP® program is funded through the Department of Juvenile Justice and families do not pay for services.   In addition to providing services free, SNAP® families are fed healthy meals and snacks at each SNAP® session. Sibling care and in-county transportation can be provided if needed.  

How it works
SNAP® Boys/ SNAP® Girls Groups

Boys or Girls attend gender-specific weekly group sessions for 13 weeks. They learn how to use SNAP® in different situations through engaging activities including, discussions, roleplaying and interactive games. A variety of topics, including dealing with angry thoughts and feelings, self-control, problem solving and bullying are addressed.  


SNAP® Parents Group

The parent group meets at the same time as the SNAP® Boys/SNAP® Girls groups. Parents learn effective child management and SNAP® strategies. The group also provides parents with an opportunity to make connections with other parents facing similar challenges. 

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Contact us

SNAP Gainesville
Evelitza Soto, SNAP Supervisor
[email protected]
(352) 284-4978
SNAP Lake City 
Leigh Kassem, SNAP Supervisor
[email protected]
(352) 318-9431 
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